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Some facts about eyes

The ability to learn in school, achieve on the job, and enjoy sports and recreation depends upon efficient vision. Optometric vision therapy assists individuals in developing visual abilities and efficiency most suited to their needs and enables those individuals to achieve maximal levels of visual performance. Optometric vision therapy can help individuals achieve and maintain good vision throughout life.

Many children who experience academic difficulty may have a treatable visual dysfunction in addition to their primary reading or learning dysfunction.  Vision problems can interfere with the ability to perform in the classroom or can impair the ability to read with comfort and efficiency. These treatable conditions include focusing deficiencies, eye muscle imbalances, motor fusion deficiencies and refractive errors.  Although optometrists do not teach reading, optometric vision therapy programs are used to treat contributory vision problems thus enabling the individual to take better advantage of his/her educational opportunities.


Improving binocular functions

By improving the binocular functions of your eyes, such as convergence and divergence, you can improve your peripheral and central vision. Bates Method Exercises:

  • Palming
  • Swinging
  • Sunning
  • Fusion
  • Accommodation
  • Suggestions listed in the table of contents on the 'Vision Suggestions' page under the 'Binocular Functions' heading (e.g. Accommodative Insufficiency).
  • Reposition Your Monitor


Reposition your monitor

Some computer programs are oriented in a way that may force you to spend most of your time looking at one part of the screen. If your monitor is positioned directly in front of you, and you are using a computer program, you may be spending much of your time looking either to the left or to the right.

For example, if you are right hand dominant, and you spend much of your time looking to the left, this can increase your left-eye dominance because the left eye would be closer to the object on the screen.

To prevent this you may need to reposition your monitor so it is further to the right if you are right handed, or further to the left if you are left handed.


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