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What is a ď Diffusing View Ē and how to get it.

On this page you will find instructions on how to learn to diffuse your view.

This is also referred to as ď Soft gazeĒ.¬† This is an every day occurrence which you may not be aware of. For example, when driving in an open countryside, you will often look at the vast space in front of you, without focusing on one thing in particular.¬† Again, when you stand on top of a mountain and look down at the scene below, you will be using the soft gaze.

Children use this soft gaze most of the time, until they start school. That is when they are forced to use the narrow, focused view to read a single letter and then a single word.¬† This is how we acquire the ďTunnel VisionĒ that restricts our way of looking at printed text. After 10 -15 years of formal schooling we are conditioned to use Tunnel Vision the moment we open a page in a book.

How can you get back to a Soft Gaze?

Method 1 : Place your hands together in front of you as when praying or greeting in the Indian fashion.

                    Now, separate your hands by about an inch.


You will begin to see a third palm between the two real palms. When you see this third  palm you will be using a soft gaze.  Become aware of your eye position or ask someone to look into your eyes, you and they will notice the difference.

Method 2 :  Bring the index fingers of your two hands together facing each other so that the tips  of the  

                     fingers touch. 

                     Now separate the two fingers apart by about an inch.

You will begin to see a third finger in the middle.

( This is described as the ďCocktail Weenie EffectĒ by Paul Scheele in his book ďPhotoReading Whole Mind System)

Method 3 :  Are you able to see the pictures in Magic Eye books? If you are, then you will realize, you

                     will be again using the Soft Gaze at the moment when you see the 3 D picture.


Some Interesting Facts about the Soft Gaze

1.   Ask any marshal arts expert and they will tell you, that always instruct their students to use the soft gaze.

2.   Next time you are in the supermarket trying to locate a hard-to-find item, use the Soft Gaze over the shelf.

3.   If you want to know how many people are in the stadium with you watching a match - pass your eyes over the crowd in soft gaze and make an estimate.



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