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Tips for increasing reading speed

Set a target reading rate at a level slightly higher than the initial reading rate. Use reading materials that are easy and interesting. Practice at least 20 minutes each day at the "pushed" rate. Increase the target rate by small increments as reading improves. Progress may be charted on a daily grid that plots rate and time on the axes. Document progress for at least two weeks.

Move your eyes faster over the text. Instead of taking in three words per fixation, take in six words. Follow the lines with your finger, pen, pencil, or a 3 x 5 index card as you read.

Reduce regressions by raising awareness of them and by improving concentration. To raise awareness, use a 3 x 5 index card to cover words and lines as they are read. When you regress, you will have to move the card to remember what you have read. You will soon notice how often you must stop and move the card. To improve concentration, personalize the subject and create questions related to the material before reading the assignment.

The key to increasing reading rate is practice. Realize that reading speed will not increase over night, but that the process will take some time. Don't give up. 

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