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Refresh you mind

When man needs to obtain spiritual knowledge, he prays or meditates.

Meditation is a good way to clear your mind. It is a good way to look inside yourself and understand the language of your body. To obtain good results from meditation, you need to look at yourself from above When your thoughts scatter, then you need to bring them back into one point (ideas, motions or pictures). It is very hard to concentrate on one object. When your thoughts dispperse from that object, you need to actively return them to that initial point.

There are different kinds of meditation: static and dynamic meditation, meditation on fire and meditation on mandala. I have tried practicing meditation. Unfortunately, it wasn't successful for me: my thoughts do subside, but I cannot focus my concentration.

Therefore, I've been trying to find a way to focus the mind without meditation. Please have a look at some of the things I have done to accomplish this.


When we are imagining coloroured images, we concentrate. In order to test this idea, I have developed a whole set of eidetic games. One of the games is as follows: 'computer flashing pictures'. In this game you have to memorize pictures..

I've been playing these games for several weeks in a row. As a result, my observational powers have increased.

I can notice unusual things in everyday pictures, and it is easy for me to envisage pictures in my mind.

When I try to envisage them, they appear not just black and white, but full of colors.

I can notice things better.


When we calculate math problems without using a calculator or paper and pen, we concentrate harder. If your mind is not fresh and alert, you will not be able to perform calculations as effectively. I've been testing this idea, and have developed the following game:

The purpose of this game is to keep in mind the result of a 3-step calculation chain. When your mind is not fresh and alert you cannot perform this game. When I play thia game I try looking at myself from above, and seize the moment when my thoughts scatter.

As a result of using this game, I have gained experience in focusing the mind. This game also helped me to improve my abilitly to do math mentally. Now it is much easier for me to do sums without a calculator or paper and pen.

Please check the following links out:


When we memorize a set of objects not related to each other, it requires a lot of concentration. To test this, I've developed the following few games:

I've tried using these games, but with no luck. They seem too boring for me.

Widening your eye span

Look at the Buddha. The Buddha's mouth is smiling. The Buddha's eyes are absent-minded. Why not try to do the same as a step towards clearing your mind? Try using the following few games to widen your eye span:

You need to look at the computer screen with soft eyes and concentrate on finding the right answer.


Mandala and fire meditation

I've also designed online 'fire' and 'mandala' meditations. Please have a look:

Try the online meditation 'on fire' here:

Try online meditation here:

Rain meditation

This flash games had not helped me.


The best way to clear your mind is to use math exercises and to widen your eye span.

If you want to share you experiences with me, please write me a letter.


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