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(Efficient reading)

Efficient reading involves both speed and comprehension. Most readers sacrifice one for the other. They reason incorrectly that one must read quickly without retaining information or slowly in order to retain the information. This is false reasoning. Slow reading is inefficient. Fast reading is efficient. All academic fields involve reading. If you can read well, you can overcome deficiencies in the background and also in your teachers’ backgrounds. No one with ability need be at a loss for information if he or she has access to books. Reading is the most valuable skill you can master. With mastery comes the assurance that you can succeed in school.

In reading books, there are several stages. Have you gone far enough to achieve my purpose? Go on steps:

  • Note who the author is, and the date of publication.
  • Read preface and table of contents.
  • Look at the diagrams and pictures.
  • Skim the first and last chapters. This may give you all the information you need.
  • Read the first and last chapters and skim the intervening chapters.
  • Go into the glossary, index as needed.

In order to talk about reading, you need to be able to distinguish between types of reading and then fit your reading style to suit the needs of the material. There are five types of critical reading:

  • Skimming reading: for searching out specific items or familiarizing yourself with a large section preparatory to close reading.
  • Audible reading: for appreciating poetry and drama.
  • Close reading: for mastering information
  • Exploratory reading: for gaining acquaintance with information.
  • Review reading: for refreshing the memory

Skimming and selective reading are speedy and efficient techniques for getting what you need. Many people think it is cheating not to read every word in a book. You are cheating yourself when you waste time reading material not essential to your purpose.


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