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Some of the things that reduce reading rate

Reading rate will reduce the next facts:

  • Word-by-word reading.
  • Expand time of reading each block, and expands the number of times the eyes skip back to a previous sentence.
  • Slowness of recognition and response to the material. Slow perceptual reaction time.
  • Vocalization, including the need to vocalize in order to achieve comprehension.
  • Faulty eye movements, including inaccuracy in placement of the page, in return sweep, in rhythm and regularity of movement. Regression, both habitual and as associated with habits of concentration.
  • Slow reading habit, in which the person cannot read faster because he has always read slowly.
  • Faulty habits of attention and concentration, beginning with simple inattention during the reading act and faulty processes of retention.
  • Lack of practice in reading, due simply to the fact that the person has read very little and has limited reading interests so that very little reading is practiced in the daily or weekly schedule.
  • Fear of losing comprehension, causing the person to suppress his rate deliberately in the firm belief that comprehension is improved if he spends more time on the individual words.
  • Poor evaluation of which aspects are important and which are unimportant.
  • The effort to remember everything rather than to remember selectively.

Since these conditions act also to reduce comprehension increasing the reading rate through eliminating them is likely to result in increased comprehension as well. This is an entirely different matter from simply speeding up the rate of reading without reference to the conditions responsible for the slow rate.

In fact, simply speeding the rate especially through forced acceleration, may actually result, and often does, in making the real reading problem more severe. In addition, forced acceleration may even destroy confidence in ability to read. The obvious solution then is to increase rate as a part of a total improvement of the whole reading process. This is a function of special training games in reading.

Tips for increasing reading rate (speed reading)

The eyes moves across the page make a series of jump movements. When the eyes stop on a word that is called a fixation. Most people make one eyes fixation on each word. In order to increase speed of reading man must take in more words with each fixation, rather than make our eyes move faster.  Look at groups of words. Try to skip  focusing on every word.

  • Work on vocabulary improvement. Familiarize yourself with new words so you don't get stuck on them when you read them again.
  • If you find yourself moving your lips when reading, force yourself to read faster by following. You can no longer move your lips.
  • Read more! 15 minutes a day of reading an average size novel equals 18 books a year at an average reading speed!
  • Determine your purpose before reading. If you only need main ideas, then allow yourself to skim the material. Don't read every word.
  • Spend a few minutes a day reading at a faster than comfortable rate (about 2 to 3 times faster than your normal speed). Use your hand or an index card to guide your eyes down the page. Then time yourself reading a few pages at your normal speed. You'll find that often your normal reading speed will increase after your skimming practice.
  • If you have poor concentration when reading, practice reading for only 5 - 10 minutes at a time and gradually increase this time.
  • There are several books on increasing reading speed available in most bookstores. If you are serious about increasing your rate you may want to work systematically through one of these books.

You may want to increase your reading speed so that you can cope with the heavy reading load. This advice sheet suggests some of the ways that can help you read fast.

Also you can use free speed reading software for increasing reading rate.


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