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Concentration tips

When one sees an interesting object- a scene, an event, a flower, a good article- the impression is of very short duration. One always thinks as to why should one pursue these curious ideas. One may be too busy to pursue them. One may think that he is not a thinker, a scientist, or a writer to follow those ideas. It is this mental block, which hinders the growth of creativity. Entire world is our business and entire universe a working place. One has a right to pursue any idea of one's interest. If one follows the idea for sometime, one would be amazed to see the fruit of the result.

People who practice yoga develop the next fitures: Develop strong, limber, healthy bodies. Increase their focus and attention span. Relax and sleep better. Cope with stress more effectively. Respect others and the world around. Cultivate self-esteem. Set a lifelong foundation for well-being.

Be Here Now! When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your mind at the point where you want it.

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