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Upside-down Upside-down
An upside-down image – is one of the most beautiful and funny optical illusions. You look at it and see a rather sensible picture. But if you turn the picture at 180 or 90 degrees, than instead of the expected turned over image you will see rather different picture!
Wife at work and at home

One of the most popular “werewolf”-pictures – ‘Wife at work and at home”, sometimes – “Before and after the wedding”, and abroad – “Before and after six mugs of beer”. On turning the image by 180 degrees (i.e. “upside down”) the picture of a young woman turns to a portrait of an ugly old lady. An unknown artist invented and painted it as early as in the 19th century, and after that the picture was re-drawn and published several times. A modern version painted by Moscow artist L.V.Volkov is represented in the upper left corner.

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