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Impossible objects Impossible objects
The Escher triangle, the devil’s fork, impossible stairs… Optical illusions have been under intensive study in the middle of the last century. Currently they are somewhat forgotten. But to no purpose, at least since due to them various misunderstanding and troubles in various spheres of human activity are possible.
Impossible objects
Waterfall, by Mauritz Cornelis Escher.

Look at this exquisite Escher lithograph. The draughtmanship is nigh perfect, or is it? Everything seems to be in place, yet we seem to be in a strange universe where water flows uphill. What is wrong with it? Well, nothing is wrong with it. It is just our minds trying to equate the lines Escher drew with what out senses perceive of the real world. The Escher's lithograph is an illusion, that you will readily agree. But then all paintings, photographs, and drawings, are illusions, neither more nor less than Escher's. Escher's Waterfall is based on the Impossible Triangle of his friend and admirer Roger Penrose, the British mathematician and physicist. In fact, Escher incorporated not one but two Penrose tribars, as they are now known, in his lithograph.

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